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JK NET is the first CDN (Content Distribution Network) technology provider in Hong Kong. We are certified partner with CloudFlare. Web traffic is routed through CloudFlare’s global network of 10 Tbps Capacity and 100 data centers around the world. Customers can contact us for a quote.

Since 2012, the only Certified Hosting Partner in Hong Kong. CloudFlare Certified Partner list


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Monthly Price HK$0 HK$260 HK$2000
Pre-payment HK$0 6-Month 3-Month
Setup Fee HK$500 HK$0 HK$0
Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)
Automatic static content caching
IPv6 compatibility and gateway
Always Online™ Crawled weekly Crawled every 3 days Crawled daily
Rocket Loader™
Global Anycast DNS
Polish & Mirage image optimization
Resource pre-loading
Mobile optimization
SPDY Support
Railgun™ origin network optimizer
Client maximum upload size 100MB 100MB 200MB
Standard security
Reputation-based threat protection
Comment spam protection
Content scraping protection
Block visitors by IP range or country
Deploy collective intelligence to identify new threats
Notify visitors on how to clean their infected machine
Basic DDoS protection
Advanced security
SSL encryption
SSL encryption type CloudFlare-issued CloudFlare-issued or custom
SSL optimization
Web application firewall (WAF),
with built-in CloudFlare rule set
OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set
3rd Party WAF rule sets(optional fee may apply)
Custom WAF rule support Up to 25
Advanced DDoS protection - layer 3 and 4
Advanced DDoS protection - layer 7
Advanced DDoS support
Analytics and control
Analytics for traffic to your site Updated every 24 hours Updated every 15 minutes Updated every 15 minutes
Custom DNS name servers
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