Hong Kong Co-Location

Reference Price List of Hong Kong Co-Location

JK NET provides several data centers for server placement, including the well-known iAdvantage, NTT, IXTech and New World etc. Customers can contact us for a quote.



1/4 RACK

1/2 RACK


Monthly Price HK$1600 HK$1800 HK$3500 Negotiable Negotiable
IP Address 1 1 4 8 16
Bandwidth Share 100Mbps
SIZE 600 X 800 X 45MM 600 X 800 X 90MM 600 X 800 X 495MM 600 X 800 X 990MM 600 X 800 X 2025MM
POWER 0.5A 0.7A 1.8A 2.5A 5A
Dedicated Local Bandwidth HK$50 month per 1M
Dedicated International Bandwidth HK$1000 month per 1M
Server Management Services Negotiable
Choose Plan Choose Plan Choose Plan Choose Plan Choose Plan

Data center Facilities ...

11kV power supply from CLP substations

Telephone & data connection via individual routing to main building's TBE rooms

Main Supply: 1,300KVA

UPS (Uninterruption Power Supply): 560 KVA and 30 mins battery

EPS (Emergency Power Supply): 600KVA

FM 200 Fire Suppression System

Smoke detection system

Pre-action sprinkler system

Central air conditioning for NOC room and Engineering Workshop

Direct expansion type CRAC Unit for Internet Service Center

Split type air conditioning for UPS room

FM 200 alarm and other Fire Services

Water leakage alarm

Intrusion door alarm

CRAC Unit and MVAC system

UPS, EPS and normal power failure alarm

Image capture recording for CCTV system

Visitor control system

CCTV system with image capture recording for Internet Service Center and all plant areas

Palm reader for entering into Network Operation Center

Intrusion door alarm for all perimeter doors and plant rooms